Foundation Stage 2 2017/18

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

At the beginning of each day we welcome parents to support their children with a learning task that we set. This is a valuable time for you to see what we have been learning in school and help your child. If you wish to support your child please come into class with them between 8.35 and 8.45, when school will start.

As part of our focus on developing reading we ask you to read with your child for about 10 minutes every day and a booklet has been provided for you to keep a record of this. Each morning when you come into school please help your child choose a new reading book.

Whilst learning to read in school your child will read with the teacher as part of a small group each week. During the year we will focus on groups of children for individual reading and will contact you when this involves your child.

Research shows that it is beneficial for children to drink plenty of water as they learn so please bring a water bottle for your child into school.

If you have any time to come into school and support children with their learning we would be very grateful! Please let us know.

Once again Welcome to Foundation Stage 2, if there is anything you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us.

PE Kit

PE is on Monday morning for Miss Kay's class and Thursday morning for Mrs Grundy's class.

Your child will need a PE kit on these days. (Blue sport T-shirt, provided by school, and black shorts).

You will need to inform school if your child is unable to do P.E. Jewellery including earrings cannot be worn on P.E days.

Summer 1 Term

This term our learning journey is 'Can you blow my house down?'

We will be basing much of our learning around The Three Little Pigs - including building dens and houses in the construction area!

We will be re telling this story and exploring how we could use it as inspiration for our own class story!


Spring 2 Term

This term our learning journey was 'What are these rumblings from beneath?'

The children loved learning all about dinosaurs! They even learnt a special ROAR dance!

In Literacy, the children labelled dinosaur pictures and wrote instructions for yummy dinosaur nest egg cakes. The children then made the delicious cakes!

Continuing the egg theme, in Mathematics, the children counted dinosaur eggs in groups of two!

Spring 1 Term

Our learning journey is 'Abracadabra 1 2 3!'.

The children have already witnessed magic in action and are excited to make their own potions to sell in our end of term event!





Autumn 2 Term

Our learning journey this term was 'What's White about Winter?'.

We learnt the skill of printing in Art and Design and produced some fantastic paintings.

The children then taught this skill to their parents as part of our Winter Wonderland event - wow!



Our Autumn Term 2 Learning

Autumn 1 Term

Our learning journey this term was:
'What's the E in WALLE?'.

The children loved learning our robot dance and performing it for the parents as part of our robot day event!





Our Autumn Term 1 Learning