Star Learners 2018/19 - Autumn 2 Term

Star Learners 16 November 2018

Our Star Learners this week are:

Y1: Pixie-May, Isabelle,Kelante, Samuel.

Y2: Mia, Abigail, Zsa Zsa, Reneyah.

Y3: Sharon, Henson, Ruby, Shey, Muneefa, Remi, Charlotte, Lucas.

Y4: Isaac, Divine, Tiffany, Caelen.

Y5: Billy, Libby, Isla, Kori.

Y6: Callum, Josh, Zackary, Lacey.

Quick Maths Champions:

Bernie, Bukunmi, Eskander and Altahir.

The winners for the best average quick maths score:


Star Swimmers:

Owen and Pavol.


Some of our Y6's competed in an athletics tournament and these were the awards they received for their enthusiastic participation.

Tyler has been in a recent tournament and beat the number 1 at kickboxing in England.