Year 2 2017/18

Summer 2 Term

This half term the Year 2 learning journey is 'Can you win gold at the coast?'.

We will be looking at the commonwealth games that were held at the Gold Coast in Australia in 2018.

We will be finding out what it takes to be an athlete at the Commonwealth Games and about the History of the games themselves.

We will also be finding out about the country of Australia including physical and human geographical features and where it is in the world.

See more about Summer 2 on our Y2 Curriculum Overview - 2017/2018 Summer 2.

Summer 1 Term

This half term in Year 2 our learning journey title is 'What makes a tale as old as time?' and much of our learning will be around the tale of 'Beauty and the Beast'. We will be ballroom dancing and looking more at beasts and what their habitats are like.

Also, this half term, the Year 2 children will be going on the exciting to residential visit to the Hollowford Centre in Castleton. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of the visit ...

Spring 2 Term

This half term, in Year 2, our learning Journey is 'What's so horrid about Henry?'

We have been learning all about Henry VIII, looking at what he did and why. We have also been looking at the food that people ate in Tudor times and have even had a go at making this out of clay.

We have also been looking at some of the more gruesome things that went on during Tudor times. Did you know Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives? We have written instructions on how to behead a Tudor criminal correctly.

Spring 1 Term

In Year 2, this coming half term's learning journey title is 'How can we spend our money wisely?'

In Year 2 we will be working hard to earn money of our own; moreover, we will finding different ways to earn money for a very special reason. At the end of the half term, after much hard work, we will be donating the money that is raised to a charity of our choice.

Keep a look out for any money raising events that take place.

Autumn 2 Term

This half term the Year Two learning journey is 'Do you care like the hare and the bear?' Our learning journey is based on a famous, emotional advert that you may have seen around winter time a few years ago.

Our learning journey is going to give many opportunities to produce amazing artwork as well as a variety of other exciting tasks.

At the end of our learning journey we will be holding a Winter Wonderland where our parents will be invited in to take part in some activities run by the children.

Autumn 1 Term

This half term in Year 2, our learning journey title is 'Can you get all the way to Monsters University?'

We have been learning about what it takes to get to get to University and get our dream jobs as well as seeing what Mike Wazowski had to do to become a professional scarer.

Keep your eyes peeled for our own monster creations popping up around school.


Speedy Spellings!

The Y2 Speedy Spellings are available to download.

to happiness Monday January bridge
too singing Tuesday February huge
two dropping Wednesday March magic
one fattest Thursday April giant
would sunny Friday May door
should crying Saturday June table
could cry Sunday July square
when cried   August animal
what joyful   September race
went slowly   October pencil
want babies   November treasure
little     December knee
all       any
write       everybody
wrote       walk
there       other
their       kind