Year 3 2017/18

Spring 1 Term

This half term we will be asking the question 'Can you compute a competition?'

During this we will be learning about the Winter Olympics and visiting Ice Sheffield to experience what it is like to ice skate.

Our Yearly Curriculum Overview 2017/18 includes our learning for the Spring 1 term.

Our Y3 Home Learning Challenge - Spring 1 2017/18 is also available to download.

Autumn 2 Term

For this half term we are asking the question 'Have you SCENE the Snow Queen?'

We are going to be involved in many projects including designing and making an exciting reading area and preparing for the Winter Wonderland event on the 8th December.

Our learning focus is art, design and technology. The destination will be to see our art exhibition and have a chance to work with their child to create some art work of their own.

Our learning for Autumn 2 is included in our Yearly Curriculum Overview 2017/18.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

One of the best things we did, was to invite our resident art expert, Mr Walters, to teach us the skills to create a painting in the style of Horsfield.

Autumn 1 Term

Welcome to a new year and great start in Year 3.

This half term we are asking the question 'How Mo can you go?' We are learning about the human body and will be training for an epic event ... to run a marathon!

We will be visiting the English Institute of Sport to see the training conditions that many athletes use in order to become the stars that they are. We will be doing some of our own training there too.


Our learning for Autumn 1 is included in our Yearly Curriculum Overview 2017/18.

Our Y3 Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 1 2017/18 is also available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

During our learning journey we found out what it was like to be an athlete, looking at their diet and training for a marathon.

As part of our training, we went to the EIS to see what facilities and sports they offer and to take part in some athletic events using the running track, long jump sand pit and the throwing nets.

For our destination we ran a relay marathon, where we ran 26.2 miles in one day!

Speedy Spellings!

said were where once friend
school because behind every beautiful
father improve sure could should
would who busy people half
accident actual although answer appear
believe caught certain describe different
eight January February March April
May June July August September
October November December mention probably
remember separate though thought through

The Y3 / Y4 Speedy Spellings are available to download.