Year 4 2017/18

Spring 2 Term

Our 'Home Learning Challenge - Spring 2' is available to download.



Spring 1 Term

In Spring 1 we will be exploring how Numicon Shapes can help us with our maths, and about Ancient Egypt.

Due to this, our journey title is 'Can a pyramid be built from Numicon Shapes?'

Our 'Home Learning Challenge - Spring 1' is available to download.



Our Spring 1 Learning

Spring 1 was very exciting for Y4, and it began with the arrival of Peter Baldry. We worked with him to create some giant digits that are now 'growing' beautifully along the corridors.

We then had a visit from Mr Egypt who brought real Egyptian artefacts with him and taught us about Ancient Egypt from his first-hand knowledge. We learnt to dance like Egyptians and we turned some of our classmates into Mummies!

It inspired us to create some great home learning.

We are now looking forward to some more history learning during the next half term.

Autumn 2 Term

The question we are going to be asking in Autumn 2 is 'How would Andy Warhol paint winter?'

At the Winter Wonderland event on the 8th December we will be teaching our parents/carers how to make an Andy Warhol style winter print.

The Y4 Overview - 2017/2018 Autumn 2 explains our Autumn 1 learning in more detail.

Our 'Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 2' is also available to download.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

Our main goal this half term was to understand what Pop Art is, and create some of our own. Prior to December 8th our teachers taught us the skills needed, and then on December 8th our parents and carers were taught by us. We think the tin can stack result is fab!

We also deepened our understanding of art by visiting the Millennium Gallery and Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield city centre.

An added extra this half term has been to design and create a reading corner in our classroom.

We were sad that we didn't win the competition - but we still think ours in Y4 are the best!

Autumn 1 Term

Welcome to Year 4!

It looks very exciting in Y4 this year. Mr Johnston (who is new to school) and Mrs Douglas have planned for a visit right at the start of term.

The journey we are going on is asking, 'How can we get to the other side', so we are going to the city centre to see how many bridges we can find! We will be designing and building our own bridge, and having a competition to see whose is strongest!

The Y4 Overview - 2017/2018 Autumn 1 explains our Autumn 1 learning in more detail.

Our 'Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 1' is also available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

Learning about how amazing structures, bridges and tunnels can take us to the other side has been fascinating.

We explored how different materials, shapes and designs make a structure sturdy and pleasing to the eye. To combine all of our knowledge together we held a bridge building competition using just paper straws and tape with prizes for the strongest and best design.

Parents view: "Brilliant afternoon bridge building. Lovely to see what the children have been doing in school and lots of fun being able to enjoy doing it with them."
Ashley Jagger (Madison Thompson's mum)

Speedy Spellings!

The Y3 / Y4 Speedy Spellings are available to download.

said were where once friend
school because behind every beautiful
father improve sure could should
would who busy people half
accident actual although answer appear
believe caught certain describe different
eight January February March April
May June July August September
October November December mention probably
remember separate though thought through