Year 5 2017/18

Spring 1 Term

This half term we are looking at the 'True Beauty of Maths'.

Children will be looking at how maths is everywhere and how we can see it everything around us.


The Y5 Overview - 2017/18 Spring 1 explains our Spring 1 learning in more detail.

Our 'Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2017/18 Spring 1' is available to download.

Autumn 2 Term

This half term we are taking a creative look back in time at the period of the Anglo Saxons, with our learning journey, 'The ART of battle.'

Children will be designing and producing their own Saxon helmet and looking at the detail of the engravings the Anglo Saxons used to decorate their costume.

Our home learning will enhance their knowledge further and we would appreciate you encouraging and supporting your child to complete as many of the tasks as possible.

Our 'Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2017/18 Autumn 2' is available to download.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

What an exciting half term! The Year 5 ended their Anglo Saxon learning journey by making their very own Anglo-Saxon helmets, each decorating it with patterns showing the Saxon engraving skills. It linked to learning across the term about invasions and settlements, typical Anglo-Saxon life and how we can keep discovering through archaeology.

We looked at the details they put in their engraving and then we taught our parent, carers and friends how to use Saxon engraving skill on our 'Winter Wonderland day'. They made wonderful clay tiles to represent winter.

Autumn 1 Term

Y5 are looking forward to an exciting year of learning.

Our learning journey for this half term is all about the sea, 'How deep is deep and can we get there?' We will be learning about the depths of the ocean and what lives there.

In our English lessons we will be exploring a variety of genres also linked to our curriculum journey. We are looking forward to our sleepover at the Deep in Hull, as this will further enhance our learning as well as being an incredible experience.

Our 'Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2017/18 Autumn 1' has been set and the teachers are really looking forward to seeing what the children will bring.

The Y5 Overview - 2017/18 Autumn 1 explains our Autumn 1 learning in more detail.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

Y5 thoroughly enjoyed our journey to the depths of the ocean. We had a whale of a time at The Deep, where the children were literally sleeping with the fishes!! This experience ignited their passion for delving into the fascinating underwater world.

The half term was capped off with a classroom aquarium, where the children enjoyed sharing their learning with parents and carers.