Year 5 2018/19

Welcome to Year 5!

The Year 5 team, which consist of Mrs Blackett, Mr Clark, Mrs McGrath, Mrs Gamban, Mrs Newton and Miss Nallet would like to welcome the Year 5 students joining us in September. We are all excited and pleased to be working with you this year.

If you have any questions about the learning, please contact the class teacher. We hope to see you at all our events at the end of each half term.

Autumn 2 Term

The teachers would like to welcome back all the pupils. We hope you had a lovely half term break.

The new term is packed with many activities, the theme this half term is food, where does it come from? What is fair trade? How can food be manipulated?

Y5SC/LM have been given the key vocabulary for the new science unit. It is important that the words are learnt to enhance the children's learning.

The words have been sent home, here is a copy of the words. Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1 Term

The half term is packed with fun and exciting activities from kite making in Design and Technology, which will be supported by employees of Sheffield University, to finding out about materials in science. To start of the half term we will be visiting the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford to learn about the journey of technology.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Our Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is also available.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

Technology is constantly improving and changing in the world we live in.

In Year 5 this half term we are learning about technology and it's evolution. The children have been creating their own timelines to illustrate this development.

On Wednesday 12th September, the year group travelled to Bradford Photography Museum to explore the changes for themselves and to touch the artefacts.

The behaviour of the students was amazing and the learning that occurred was great to observe. The visit was purposeful and there was a lot of conversations throughout the day about all the wonderful things they had seen and experienced!

On Thursday 20th September, the Year 5 group were fortunate enough to have the guidance from Cathy, who works at Sheffield University in the AMP department. She is heavily involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The purpose of her visit was to work with the children to design their kite, which will be tested on Wednesday 24th, all parents in year 5 will receive personal invites. Cathy was working with the children to explain the importance of STEM in kite making.

A prototype was made from everyday materials, such as newspapers, string and cellotape. The children enjoyed the morning activity and understood the importance of a prototype before embarking on the real deal. In the next few weeks the children will be designing and making their own kite.

Due to heavy rain and winds we were unable to test the kite, we are hoping to test them the week beginning 24th September; we will let you know how we get on.

We look forward to seeing you all at the kite festival, you are in for a treat!



What a fantastic week Y5LM/SC have had, we've had birthdays, so double figures which is an exciting time!

Parents and carers came in at the end of the week to support the children with their kite making design. We can't wait to make the kites!



Friday 5th October saw the return of Cathy from AMP. She came to evaluate and give feedback regarding the children's kite design and protype.

Each child had a consultation with her and she informed them what was good about their design and protype and how it could be improved.

The children took the advice on board and will make the necessary adjustments to their kites in the next subsequent weeks, ready for the kite morning on Wednesday 24th October.

Cathy brought in 3D pens for the children to experiment with. They made bows using them to place on their kites. To use the pens you needed a steady hand, we clearly have some budding artist and surgeons in our midst. We had an exciting morning.


October is Black History Month, Year 5LM/SC will be celebrating the successes of black people not just in October, but throughout the academic year.

We will learning about a range of black people that have inspired and changed history in some form of way for the better. The people we are celebrating come from a range of industries, from politics to sport.

Pop into our classroom to see our learning.



Let's go fly the kites

Wednesday 24th October saw the Year 5's weeks of dedication and perseverance pay off.

The kites that they had been working on for the last 3 weeks have all been finally made and were making their debut in front of the children's parents and carers.

The turnout was great and the children had a fantastic time.